Teckan Remote Management Programme (TRMP)

Teckan Remote Management Programme (TRMP)In today's industrial environment, the quest for greater efficiency, productivity, quality control and inventory management is practically universal. As a result, the need for more efficient control of equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), robots, process control equipment, temperature monitoring systems, flow 

Teckan Remote Management Programme (TRMP)

control and many more systems is increasing dramatically. We can facilitate the need for remote control, diagnosis, repair, and communication between equipment allowing clients to run their businesses more smoothly.

Site and plant managers are responsible for overseeing and improving their site safety as well as reducing energy costs and monitoring performance. Teckan Remote Management Programme (TRMP) helps you to create an intelligent network for your business, giving managers the ability to control each system remotely almost everywhere. 

Remote management tasks can be grouped into five main categories: 

1- Incident Management 

2- Backup and Recovery 

3- Software Updates and Management 

4- Real-time Monitoring 

5-Online Edits

Depending on the situation, we can identify and correct issues remotely, send on-site assistance from a local office or provide full-time support. Delayed response to incidents can cause your plant to lose valuable production time and, in certain instances, lead to damaged equipment or personnel injury. Providing faster response time to incidents through remote management has been proven to reduce downtime and repair costs while extending the lifetime of your assets. The cost of just one avoided incident has been shown to completely offset the service price by a significant margin. Teckan Remote management Programme (TRMP) is the best way to combine the operational expertise of your personnel with our advanced technology. We can arrive at an expedited solution, improve operations in a cost-effective manner and increase your competitiveness by establishing and implementing the best practices and connecting you to our global network.