Spare Parts & Supply

Spare Parts & Supply

Finding the right parts and supply for a job can be a difficult task and using the wrong ones can be costly. This is why Teckan regularly help client companies with their instrument purchasing decisions.

Because we operate across a variety of industries we have first hand knowledge of the both advantages and disadvantages of newly introduced technologies. This helps our clients avoid the 'hidden pitfalls' that the manufacturers and their agents might not make absolutely clear. 

There are occasions when replacements can no longer be obtained from the manufacturer. The instrument may well be obsolete - but most probably the job it is doing is not. This can cause problems in seeking like for like compatibility when an instrument goes out of service. 

Teckan is in a position to help its clients with this very problem. We have access to a vast range of spares from a wide variety of sources which means that we can often service equipment that is considered obsolete. 

We can supply all your instrumentation needs in the following fields and many more specific subjects:

  • Spare Parts & SupplyAnalytical Instrumentation 
  • Flow Instrumentation 
  • Actuator Motors 
  • Analytical Instruments 
  • Bulk Solids Flow & Motion 
  • Controllers & Programmers 
  • Digital Indicators & Panel Meters 
  • Fittings, Tubing, & Tools 
  • Flow Instrumentation 
  • Gauges 
  • Level Instrumentation 
  • Pressure & Temperature Switches 
  • Pressure Instruments 
  • Sensors 
  • Temperature Instruments 
  • Thermometers 
  • Transmitters and Transducers 
  • Wireless Instruments