Cathodic Protection

  • Teckan is a leading supplier of corrosion products for every industrial market, including pipelines, refineries, above- and under-ground storage tanks, water, waste water, concrete infrastructure, and marine.
          Teckan Products specialises in the supply of key brand name products into the marketplace.
      While we manufacture some of our own brands, we also search the world for the latest developments in technology and materials.
    Combining both agency and our products allows us to provide a wide and complex range of practical solutions to our clients' needs.
    We supplies a wide range of cathodic protection materials and accessories.
           our professional team can assist in specifying and then supplying the right components for your project, focusing on the ideal cathodic protection system to meet your application, and with realistic cost-effectiveness in mind.
          Certain items can be custom made for specific applications.
    Few of CP parts we supply:

    -Earth Rods
    -Earth bars & Clamps
    -Cable lugs and connectors
    -Copper busbars
    -Earth Braids
    -Earth bonding leads
    -Custom made copper parts and components

    and many more! we work hard to be your final stop point in earthing projects. 


  • Corrosion is usually defined as the deterioration of a metal or its properties caused by a reaction with its environment. Most metals occur naturally in the form of oxides and are usually chemically stable. When exposed to oxygen and other oxidizing agents, the refined metal will try to revert to its natural oxide state. In the case of iron, the oxides will be in the form of ferrous or ferric oxide, commonly known as rust.

    One of the biggest challenges facing our industrial infrastructure today is materials loss and deterioration by the electrochemical reactions which cause corrosion.If the infrastructure is allowed to corrode and deteriorate the replacement costs are very high accordingly. The costs of a properly designed and maintained corrosion control system are significantly less than the costs of replacement.