Gas Turbine

Developed from our strong industry experience, market knowledge and skilled staff, we offer a wide range of services that deliver tangible benefits to airlines, lessors and power plant owners worldwide. Gas Turbine


For operators of gas turbines in the power generation, oil & gas and aviation industry, we provide a wide range of spare parts:

  • Our extensive inventory and new OEM parts. 
  • We also provide refurbished and used serviceable components, giving cost effective options. 
  • All parts we provide are certified to industry standards with all necessary approval certificates. 
  • We aren't just another parts distributor. Our goal is to offer our customers the best customer service, high quality parts at a competitive price and quick delivery. Custom stocking programs are available for customers to reduce long lead times for hard to find parts and available 24/7 emergency outage support.  

Gas Turbine
Maintenance and Overhaul: 

Teckan also offers repair and overhaul capabilities for wide range of turbine parts to greatly reducing maintenance costs. All repairs are conducted by OEM approved facilities and centres. Overhaul Services are available for the following components:

  • Turbine Blades and Nozzles 
  • Thermocouple Cables 
  • Flame Sensor Cables 
  • Valves (Bleed, Solenoid, CDP, etc.) 
  • Electrical Cables (On & Off Engine) 
  • Engine Wiring Harnesses 
  • Ignition Cables 
  • Actuators (VSV, VBV, IGV ) 
  • Gearboxes (IGB, AGB, TGB) 
  • Fuel Nozzle Repair and Flow Testing 

Repair estimates sent to our customers will describe in detail the required repairs; no repairs will be done with no full authorisation.

If the customer does not want the part repaired, it is carefully repackaged and returned to the customer. The only cost to the customer is a handling fee to cover shipping and test. If the repair cost exceeds the part’s value, the pricing for a new unit will be included in the repair cost quote.