About us

About usTeckan Ltd (Part of H.G Cyrus Group) is a leading international company that has faithfully served the aerospace, advanced technology and green energy industries, with quality products and services for years. 

We have access to one of the most comprehensive inventory of aviation and advanced technology spares in the world, for owners and operators of general and corporate/commercial aviation and other advanced industries. 

Our direction is committed to safety as well as insuring the finest quality services. Our dedication is always to the customer. 

We strive to make sure each project/enquiry is done correctly and in a timely manner and are open 365 days a year for your convience. 

About usAt Teckan our goal is to provide the best customer service in global industry. We understand that certian emergency situations from an unscheduled maintenance or lack of inventory can cost your company thousands every minute the aircraft or business is grounded. That’s why getting your parts where they are going as quickly as possible, day or night, anywhere in the world, is exactly what Teckan can do for you.

Teckan's emergency support desk is properly staffed around the clock, which enabling us to start the shipping process the minute your call is received. This includes next flight out, express freight shipping and international priority service, as well as chartered aircraft to get your parts where they need to go no matter how far the location. 

About usDuring this process, Teckan experts track your order so you know exactly where it is and how much longer it will take to get to where you are. There are no size or weight restrictions for shipping an order. Our experts ensure your delivery will get to you fast and safely, so you can get your business back into normal as soon as possible.

There are no size or weight restrictions since Teckan specialises in handling non-conforming, oversized, heavy weight and dangerous goods shipments. as well, because we know the urgency of each situation, our experts keep you completely up-to-date so you know exactly where your order is every step of the way. We promise you will experience massive difference with us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a consistent, satisfying customer experience each and every time you order.

Teckan is your true One-Stop- Shop from simple parts and services like paint and interiors to advanced avionics and gas turbine engines, our highly trained staff can save you down time and money. We do it all!